Hopeful but realistic

IMG_20180513_160951638-EFFECTSHi Everyone,
Thanks for stopping by on my first installment of how things are going with Seminary and onward.  Right now, I’m still in St. Peter, waiting to graduate from Gustavus and am preparing for a fun summer with my sister, her girlfriend, my husband Jacob, and saving money.  I’m also preparing to register for classes and take my new student orientation for United.

On some sad news, Jacob and I have been denied from having housing at United’s on-campus student housing.  In actuality, I’m not very sad about it since United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities is moving campuses to somewhere in St. Paul, MN.  This will make finding housing in St. Paul much cheaper than in New Brighton (which is a very expensive suburb of Minneapolis).  So, I’m actually hopeful that Jacob and I can find a small studio in St. Paul that is cheap and clean.  We’ve got some time ahead of us to build my credit score and save some money before we apply for apartments, sot that’s good.

As for as registering for classes, my Seminary adviser said that taking two classes is perfect if I’m going to be both working and going to grad school.  So that’s good!  So, I’ll take two classes for the first semester (which, at six credits, is still full-time at United).  And unlike Gustavus, which charges a flat rate at Full-Time and Part-time, United will charge by credit, so I’ll won’t be charged a whole bunch of extra money just because I’m a lowest-credit full-time student.  That’ll be nice!  This’ll make United much cheaper than Gustavus.

Speaking of money, United will cost about a little bit over $10,000 per year.  This is drastically different than Gustavus, which is a little over $50,000 per year.  Big change!  This means smaller loans.  And one of the good things about not taking student housing is that I won’t be taking out more loans to pay for housing, which is better overall.  Paying for apartment while going to school will be tough, but with only taking two classes (one on Thursday and another only three days in October), I’ll be able to work full-time.  Plus, I’m hoping that I can save some money over the summer to pay multiple month’s of rent in advance.  This is hopeful wishing, but I’m just trying to be both realistic and optimistic.

Thanks for checking in!

Have a good rest of your April.  I”ll likely check in again in May, towards graduation.

Leigh Todd

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