Almost to Graduation!

IMG_20180530_153021814Hi everyone,

I hope everyone’s end-of-the-semester is going well, as mine is also wrapping up.  On a good few notes, I managed to transfer some dual-credit college courses that I took in high school to finish up my credit requirements at Gustavus, so I am all set to graduate!  I won’t be getting my diploma in person, since I owe a giant bill to Gustavus, but that’s okay – as long as I’m considered a graduate of Gustavus, that’s fine with me.  I’ll pay off my debts later on and receive my diploma in the mail.

In other news, Jacob and I pretty much finished packing everything in our dorm, and are now counting down the days to graduate.  I’ve finished my time at Holiday Gas Stations and finished a five-year career of student managing for the Throwers on the track team.  With that, I am done working in St. Peter for good.  Now, I’m all set for home.

If you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve said I’m a Pan-Christian Unitarian/Social Trinitarian.  What that means is that I find spiritual value/insight in all of Christendom (all Christian churches) and take from each of them what makes sense to me.  This includes Unitarian Protestant/Mormonism/Orthodox etc.  I still read the Book of Mormon and listen to past General Conferences.  I also love the idea of Christ Incarnate and Divine Liturgy sacrament in the Orthodox church.  But, I still place a heavy emphasis on God the Father such as in Unitarianism.

I hope y’all have a great end-of-the-semester, and thanks for checking in!  This will be the last update until I graduate!

God speed,

Leigh Todd-Lestina

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