Church, Again: Battling Fundamentalism

IMG_20180630_011438592_LLHi everyone,
It’s me, Leigh, again.  I’m currently back in my hometown in central Nebraska.  Here, it is either burning hot like hell or freezing (but not as bad as Minnesotan winters.)  Here, also, is where fundamentalist Christianity flourishes.

As someone who wants to come back to Nebraska after finishing up Seminary, I am out to fight a big battle against extreme conservatism in religion.  Nebraska is a “place where the six-day creation, America is a Christian country, trans people are confused,” etc. etc. kind of state.

In church today we’re reminded to lace up our armor of God to fight against the schemes of Satan.  I’m here to tell you that I am also lacing up my boots of social righteousness and my shield of Love.  This might sound silly and naive, but I’m not going to pretend I have to fight an imaginary devil to keep my self physically pure and decent in all my speech.  Instead, I’m going to fight against the devil of all those “fundies” who shun black men who say they’re being brutalized by police, stick their noses away from non-binary kick-ass folks, and ‘pray for our president.’  I’m not going to pray for our lack of a morally-decent president, I don’t think America was ever a Christian country, and I’m going to lend all that I can toward those queer and black folks.

All I think about is Matthew 25, where Jesus says to consider the least of these.  To take care of them.  To love them as Jesus BECAUSE Jesus is each of them.  I preach Matthew 25, and that’s why I lace up my boots of social righteousness to fight against them.  What will you lace up your boots for?

Thanks for listening to my rant.


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