Nebraskan Life: Church

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’ll just start by updating how the Nebraskan life is going, although it can be summed up in one word: boring.  Unlike Minneapolis, where you can just walk down the street and find something exciting to do, you’ve got to make times fun.  Whether that’ll be a barbecue or going to a coffee shop, you’ve got to make things exciting (that’s why I wonder if everyone just drinks around here).

I still don’t regret moving back to my home state.  In fact, I feel more comfortable.  I’m reminded, being back here, of what I fight for: rights for everyone, whether they be LGBTQ+, women, people of lower education/lower economic status, etc.   Being back home and being a progressive Christian in Nebraska is tough, though.  Even my sister reminded me that being a liberal Christian, who for one doesn’t believe in the Trinity, will be tougher before it gets better.  I’m not looking forward to the rough journey ahead.  I’m not really in the mood to create my own church, as that is painstakingly difficult and I don’t feel trained yet to build my own church.  But, with none of the churches around York welcoming of non-trinitarians in speech or sermons, I’m not sure what else to do.  I’ve been thinking of quitting church for a while until I can travel to Lincoln and attend First Christian Church (a welcoming of all church) there.  As I said, I don’t quite feel equipped to stand up and give sermons and lead hymns.

I know going to church is good for you, but when you’re sitting in the back of the pews wrestling with the trinitarian sermon when you KNOW you don’t believe it, it’s hard.  It just doesn’t fit.  Church, as of late, feels less and less welcoming each time I attend it.

I feel like I don’t fit into any church, though.  Even though I can check out other Arminian churches, such as Catholic, Methodist, and Churches of Christ, none of them give me the freedom to not believe in the Trinity.  None offer me the grace to teach my future children my faith.  So, I’m thinking of giving up church for a while until I can attend First Christian in Lincoln.  Who knows.  I’m still waiting to hear back from their pastor on if I’m welcomed or not, though!

I ask for your prayers on this matter.

Alleluia and Amen.

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