Thursday Testimony: God & Jesus’ Influences

IMG_20180408_102131549Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share something small.

That something small is my testimony.

I testify that God reigns in Heaven with Jesus, and that God’s Holy Spirit roams the Earth as God’s hugging arms and life-giving breath.

I testify that God is awesome, and that he is constantly surrounding us.  His presence isn’t just in Heaven with Jesus, but all around us, engulfing us with His Love.

I testify also that Jesus is our greatest Teacher.  He revealed all of God’s teachings to us 2,000 years ago, and still lives on as God’s Servant and mouthpiece.  Years after his resurrection, he visited Paul on the road to Damascus, and then visited John to give Revelation.  Jesus still visits us as our ultimate Teacher, giving us God’s advice and both of their love.

It’s awesome to be a Christian, knowing you’ve got the whole host of Heaven on your side.

Alleluia and Amen.

Leigh Todd

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