Proper 12: Food, Water, and God’s Miracles


My view at Miller Park

Hi everyone,

I overslept, so I didn’t go to church, which has kind of ruined the whole Sunday for me, but I’m also hopeful.  I’m doing church at home, where I can read the weekly Gospel reading (John 6:1-21) and think of faith on my own terms.

Today’s home church consisted of going to Runza to get a blended cappuccino drink, walk to Miller Park to write to God, and then come home to study the lectionary.  It’s been a simple day, especially since I can’t do anything on Sundays – all the shops are clsoed!  Even the library!

In Gospel reading, it is not a calm day.  Jesus finds himself in the need to feed his 5,000 (at least) followers as they have traveled very far in a very long day.  Relying on God, Jesus gave thanks for the fish and loafs of bread and miraculously, all were fed with leftovers!  Then at night Jesus was no where to be found, so his disciples traveled across the waters toward Capernaum.   Suddenly, the disciples saw that Jesus was walking on the water in the midst of a storm!  The disciples were frightened, but Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid, I am here!”

As God’s servant, agent, King, prophet, and Son and Savior, we can rely on Jesus.  As Jesus said, “don’t be afraid, I am here.”  Thanks to God, we have a Savior that can perform miracles and be by our side even when we are frightened by the storms of life.  Not only is Jesus a Savior from our sins, but he is also our Savior in our daily life.  God gave Jesus all authority in Heaven and Earth to be our Lord, and that he is.

Jesus relied on God, so we should we rely on God in all things.  Then, Jesus gave the most comforting saying, “don’t be afraid, I am here.”

So when life gets tough, rely on the miracles of God.  Rely on God and our Savior Jesus Christ when the storms around us are raging, because they will always provide and they are always here to help us.

Alleluia and Amen.

Leigh Todd


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