Life Update: Enjoying the Sun

IMG_20180812_160521294Hi everyone,

Today marks another Sunday of me skipping church.  I was really tired this morning, so I slept in.  Other than Home Church, I’ll be going to my Mom’s and chilling with family.  I’m also hoping to enjoy a home-made frappe in the sun as I do Bible study.  Currently, I’m studying the topic of Prison and Paradise in the New Testament, and how Jesus preached the Gospel to those in Prison (Gehenna; not Abraham’s Bosom).

It’s a frustrating study, as Catholics teach that Jesus preached to those with Abraham (even though 1 Peter 3-4 says he preached to those who had been disobedient to God at the Flood).  And then there’s the Mormons, who don’t believe believers go to Heaven after they die.  I’m very conflicted on different churches’ teachings.  The only thing I can do is stick my studying and beliefs, as I believe Jesus preached to both the disobedient and those with Abraham, and brought paradise to Heaven (Ephesians 4:8-10).  The only thing to remember is that when we die, we go to be with Jesus and God.  When Jesus preached to those in the Underworld, he allowed Old Testament characters to hear the Gospel and be redeemed as well.  While they will be judged in physical form at the Resurrection, they live in Spirit with God (1 Peter 4).

Nowadays, it’s up to us to spread the Gospel everywhere so that every soul will be saved.  And to add my own personal note, I believe Hell is only temporary – it’s like a refining fire for those who rejected the Gospel or didn’t hear about it beforehand.  I believe in a God of justice, but also in a God of mercy!

(As you can tell, I go against practically every other church’s teachings and forge my own way!  I encourage you to do the same!)

As for a life update, I’m waiting to hear back on a job, to see if I got it or not.  I’m praying and hoping I do!  I’ve also decided to attend First Christian Church in York again, this time with my Mom.  I won’t always be able to attend FCC in Lincoln, because 1) the distance, 2) the cost of gas, and 3) the weather.  Any winter storm will be keeping me home this Christmas season.  So, I’m hoping against hope that I’ll be welcomed in York’s church.  With my Mom coming, I’m hoping she’ll add some encouragement and strength my way.

That’s all!

Leigh Todd

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