Life Update: Starting Seminary


York High School Marching Band at Yorkfest!

Hi everyone!  I know I’ve been posting a lot of my sermons and testimonies instead of life updates, so here is an update!

I started Seminary last Tuesday.  I was really nervous about video-conferencing my classes and making sure I got the readings done this past week, but I did it!  I’ve officially completed week 1 of graduate school, and am now embarking on my second week this Tuesday.  I LOVE my Religious and Theological Interpretation class, and am already enjoying my Intro to Theology.  I’m somewhat enjoying my Intro to the Old Testament class, although I feel like the professor is pushing her interpretation of the Bible on us as the most correct way.  This professor is very disorganized (her Moodle page is a disaster).  But, I will not judge this class by one week.  Once I get the hang of reading the Moodle page/syllabus, and I get used to her style of teaching, I know the class will become easier.  There’s always one class that is daunting in the beginning!

Also, this weekend was Yorkfest. Here, businesses paraded through downtown and marching bands from various high schools competed against each other.  My youngest brother, Dane, marched this Saturday.  My family cheered him on and the rest of York’s marching band.  It was all very exciting, even if it took a while!

Then this past Sunday, instead of going to a church that I feel doesn’t accept me, I went to a very liberal United Methodist church here in York.  Here, they don’t follow creeds and welcome all biblical interpretations and sexual orientations and genders!  When I went to church at First UMC this past Sunday, I felt so loved and cherished.  Even though the music was trinitarian, when I mentioned that I was a Unitarian, they said “Welcome!!”  I was elated to just feel welcomed and not judged for how I view the Bible.  All means All at this church.  I’m still hoping to attend First Christian Church in Lincoln sometime starting this semester or next semester, as I am still a Disciple of Christ, but I’m going to enjoy being at this church until then.

[Also, I loved and missed the call and response that this church does, such as “Lord, hear our prayer,” because I haven’t experienced that in a LONG TIME!  I also loved really worshiping Jesus this Sunday, as worshiping Jesus gives glory to the Father! I really missed modern Christian music, as York’s FCC uses early 20th century music that doesn’t seem to touch my heart.]

As for other parts of my life, I was denied Medicaid and immediate enrollment for Nebraska’s healthcare marketplace, so on Thursday I’m going to ask for 32 hours a week at orientation (I’m going to work at Walmart!) so that I can apply for health insurance from them.  I pray and hope that this can happen, and that I can finally get Jacob and I health insurance, even if the premium comes out of my paycheck every other week.  I would love your prayers on this matter, as well as us getting an apartment soon when my sister’s lease ends in the beginning of October. Please, send all prayers and good vibes for these matters.

Thanks for reading my life update!


Leigh Todd

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