Life Update: Working, Sabbath, & School

Hi everyone,

Here is another life update, which is kind of spontaneous as I’m also working on homework.  But here are a few life updates:

  1. I started working at Walmart!  I am a cart-pusher, which means I’m in the sun most of the time I’m working, I’m basically working out as I push and organize carts, and am constantly listening to a walkie-talkie and my co-workers.
  2. I’ve decided to continue my practice of sabbath-keeping.  I’ve been scheduled to work on Sundays for the next three weeks, but I’ll be letting my boss know tomorrow that I’d like Sundays off, even if it means cutting my hours.  At this rate, with working four days a week, I’m clocking 32 hours a week.  I’d rather stick to just the part-time (24 hours a week) that I originally wanted, so I hope this works out.  Who knows.  I’ve really enjoyed celebrating and practicing the Sunday sabbath each week, as not only does it include church, but it involves devoting my day to God and His Son Jesus.  For another reason, it is a day of rest for me, where I do only a little bit of homework and just chill and read the Bible!
  3. School is underway, and I finally am getting my books for class.  There’s a few bumps in the road as far as having to get physical books, but most of my books are on the Kindle app (or soon enough, on my Kindle Fire!).  I’m learning more about how to be inclusive in my writing to other students who may not believe God is male, or that God has a gender.  From now on, I just say “God” or “Godself” when I talk about God to be most inclusive to my classmates and professors.

It’s all very exciting.  I still don’t have health insurance, and we’re looking for a new place to stay (all four of us), but I’m hopeful.  Sort of.  I know that at least God’s got something up his sleeve.

Thanks for listening!

Leigh Todd

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