Informal Thoughts: Falling from Grace

I just posted this on my informal thinking-cap blog:  I thought you guys would like this!

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to try to dismantle how we fall from grace and what it means to actually fall from grace.

First, falling from grace means breaking that friendship with God and Christ, with whom you might have had even if you didn’t convert to Christianity – you might have been following Christ in deed and thought, even if you were an atheist.

Second, how we fall from grace is simple: we commit mortal sins. As 1 John 5:16-17 states, there is A mortal sin, which we should not pray about. I’m not sure what that sin could be (and neither does the Vatican know). I can imagine John was talking about either a sexual sin or apostasy, or an un-repented sin. But, since we don’t know, the Catholic church (which I loosely connect with faith-wise, as well as and covers all serious sins that Jesus/Paul/Other Apostle covers in the New Testament.

Falling from grace is pushing Christ and God away by our sins. It’s denying Christ and God, essentially, by our actions. We can do this by treating the poor terribly, terrorizing others, murdering others. In essence, not being Christ-like and being an overall terrible and shitty person. To come back to grace, all we must do is repent. We must turn away from being a shitty person to other people or committing harm to ourselves and come back to God and Christ.

I’m terrible at explaining this, as I’m still learning myself.

But we can’t just repent and say we’ll change. We must actually change.

AND if you are wondering, yes I believe we can fall from grace by our works. But I’ve struggled with this idea, as I’ve wondered about my eternal security and assurance of salvation. It would be easy to believe in just grace, but Jesus was pretty clear in the Bible that we can lose our salvation by poorly treating the least of these. Read Matthew 25 and the whole of the Gospel of Luke!

May we ever be conscious of how we treat others. As Amos 1:8 states, God the Father keeps a record of how we treat others, as he did on how the Israelites (Northern Kingdom) treated the poor.

Thanks for reading!

Alleluia and Amen.

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