Life Update: Advent Approaching

Hi everyone,
It’s been a little while since I’ve given my last life update, so here it goes:

  1. I’m growing closer to Catholic salvation theology and mysticism. I’m enjoying studying about Heaven and Hell (and even Purgatory!), and how we can fall from grace.  See my latest “Informal Thoughts” post for that.
  2. Advent is getting closer, so I’m studying up on Matthew and Luke and preparing for Christ’s coming to Earth.  I’m really excited for Christmas, since it’ll be my first with a Christmas tree in FOREVER! Jacob and I had been evicted before we celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple with a Christmas tree.  This year will be a first for both of us.
  3. I’ve been listening to Classic Christmas music on my Pandora/Spotify for the past month now!
  4. The job at Walmart is going good – I love working with Don and Jimmy!
  5. School is…okay.  I wish I could do better on my assignments, though.  I need to devote more time and energy into my papers. I don’t want to be the student I was in high school/undergraduate who always did everything last minute (and terribly).
  6. I got my own desk and marker board finally!!  Productivity for the win (also organization!).
  7.  I’m hoping to study Mormon studies and Pastoral Theology at Seminary!  I’ve decided to be both a rural pastor and rural chaplain!

Well, that’s all I got!

Leigh Todd

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