Life Update: Between Christmas & Epiphany

Our Christmas tree this year!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long – I’ve mostly been updating Instagram and Twitter, and enjoying work and end-of-year stuff!

Fall semester has just ended, and I hope my grades were B- or above! I really struggled with when to do homework (like having a homework schedule that works with my work schedule), and getting better at writing. I mostly skimmed most of my readings, but I’ve always been really good at skimming (plus tips from professors!), so that works.

Nebraska is full-swing into Winter, and I am NOT enjoying it. It’s not as bad as Minnesota winters, but the arctic wind is TERRIBLE! It rained all day at work yesterday as I was pushing carts, and I was soaked to the core. We had a mini-blizzard today, with lots of snow. The snowfall wasn’t too bad, but the wind, my Lord, is terrible. Jacob and I just walked a few feet from our apartment to North Casey’s, and I could hardly breathe in any air – it was so cold and windy!

Although this was a rough beginning of a semester and the weather is a pain, I’m just glad how much I’ve progressed this year. First, I graduated from college, a feat I had wished for so long. Second, I got an apartment lease with MY name on it – that’s a big deal for me. With an old eviction on my record, it’s been nice moving forward and being an ADULT. With me taking two classes this Spring, and then three every semester until graduation, I’m hoping to pay my rent with school loans until I graduate and become a pastor/chaplain. Although I will have a lot of loans to pay off, I’m hoping that and care payments will be the only bills I owe. I am certainly doing this adult thing!

With church, I’m still a part of Disciples of Christ, and I really enjoy the traditions, although I’m looking for more High Church (more liturgy) than what I get at First Christian in Aurora. So, my sister will revisit FCC in Lincoln sometime soon! They actually use the lectionary, pass the peace/great your neighbor, and all that. Aurora is a little two low church for me. I’m also hoping there will be more diversity of biblical interpretations at FCC-Lincoln than at Aurora. I can’t wait to attend their Sunday School!

Other than that, I’m really hoping to get my own car this spring and get my license. This is all very exciting. I’m hoping to get a Volkswagen Beetle with my income taxes!

That’s it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, Leigh Todd

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