Life Update: Spring Semester & Grace

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’ve been MIA from the blog this month. As always, I basically live at Walmart because I work there so much, and spring semester finally started on the 14th for school!

But while I’ve been away from the blog, you might have seen some updates on Instagram. First, I’ve moved away from a works+grace theology to just grace, where I reversed back to the Wesleyan theology that our works are a sign, but not a cause, of a faltering faith. I’ve been very flippy-floppy this past winter about salvation, but if our works hurt our salvation, then salvation can so easily be lost. I lose my salvation that way, every day. I am NEVER in grace with the Lord this way.

So, just like my previous revelation this past August or so, I’ve come to the conclusion that I believe in just grace, but that our works are a sign of our faith, and that our works hint at a faltering faith and our eventual doomed apostasy.

The Bible, including Paul, Jude, James, and Timothy, believed in a works + grace theology. But as an old pastor taught me a few years ago, Paul (and his friends) used exhortation to get their way through their congregants. They preached a works salvation to get them to act righteous. I know I can’t believe in a works theology, but that I should still repent as I good daughter of God would reconcile her relationship with the Almighty Father and maintain that great relationship whenever I messed up. God never lets go of me – I just can let go of God and salvation if I give up the faith. But don’t fret – I’m never giving up on Jesus, God, or God’s Spirit! This salvation is too priceless to give up. His mercy is never-ending and I will always rejoice that I have been cleared of my guilty bill by the Lord Jesus’s sacrifice. When water poured over me, I was forgiven and claimed by God, Jesus, and the Church. There’s no going back for me! My life has forever been changed by Jesus and becoming his disciple – I can’t imagine my life without him, his teachings, and his love and mercy. Even if God the Father doesn’t seem there, I know he is there by the fact that he introduced me to His Son.

With school, I’m learning from new professors and awesome readings. I have a Tuesday professor, a sassy black woman, who inspires me and gets me blood boiling on being a future chaplain. I’m looking forward to my spiritual class now, too, as we’re reading Martin Luther King Jr.’s book, Strength to Love. The book is so relevant in today’s society, from being both tenderhearted and firm and nonconformist and being like Jesus.

Well, that’s it for now. My loans for school came in, so I’ll be paying rent and old bills and school books. So exciting to be paying bills!!!

Alleluia and Amen.

Thanks, Leigh Todd

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