Let’s be honest: I’m exploring the Trinity (for now)

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to give a little bit of a life update.

For most or all of winter, God has felt so far away from me. The Unitarian God, that is.

I’ve also felt tugged toward another faith orientation, Trinitarianism, for a while now.

While I’m not sure if I’m gonna stick with it, I’m gonna try it out. Maybe it’ll feel good on me.

Heavenly Father will always be there, but as him being a Spirit? He’s felt so far away, yet so close. I know a God is there; I can feel His presence. But a God that made me feel so isolated from the rest of Christianity – it’s not something I’ve been up to dealing with.

Again, while I’m not sure if I’m gonna stick with it, I’ve decided to give God this season to Him: I’m gonna try out the Trinity for a season or two (Spring and Summer).

Yes, a part of this is because of the isolation I’ve felt due to being Unitarian, but it is also because I feel this is season is the next step in my life. I’d hate to give away my individuality (that stems from my Unitarian faith), but I also don’t want to feel so alone anymore. It’s more than just wanting to fit in, though: It’s wanting to feel close to a Savior, Redeemer, Spirit, Father, Almighty LORD, God. I want to get closer to this Triune God, and all this different roles as Almighty Father, Redeemer and Savior, and Enabler and Spirit.

This’ll sure be a journey, that’s for sure.

P.S. I deleted my new website, The Orthodox Unitarian Faith, because I just don’t want to continue down that road.

Thanks, Leigh Todd

Amen and Amen.

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