The Aftermath of a Faith Crisis: A Testimony of God

Hi everyone,
Today, with class being done, I’m recuperating and thinking of God, Heavenly Father.

I am a Unitarian Christian. This means I place more emphasis on God than Jesus, but do include Jesus in my faith story and love him with all my heart.

For so long in my short time as a Christian, I struggled with prayer. Who am I praying to exactly? Belief in the Trinitarian God didn’t make any sense – I couldn’t imagine this God as a power in my life. Prayer at church was awkward, even though I believed Jesus to be the incarnate God. I didn’t really read my Bible at the time, and when I did, only read the Epistles, not the Gospels. It was a summer after attending an Independent Baptist Church that I read the Gospels. It was that summer that I just knew that I was a Unitarian. God, the Eternal Spirit (as I would learn about him), was my God. Jesus, God’s second-in-command and my best friend, has been through this with me in all of this. He has been strength, my meditation, my hope. His sacrifice on the cross opened salvation for me. Over time, I also moved away from a works+grace theology into just a grace theology, but kept the idea that we can lose our salvation if we forsake Christ all together.

I’ve matured in my faith, and each faith crisis I have brings me that much closer to God, His Son, and His Spirit.

I don’t believe the Holy Spirit to be a person – that belief takes away from Heavenly Father BEING ONE GOD, and three gods in one makes my head spin. God isn’t a clear picture for me, then.

I firmly believe God isn’t a complicated, mystical being – but a Spirit that loves us with all he can.

So, I’m just basking in the never-ending presence of My God, the Almighty Father of all of us (both believers and members of creation). I’m getting more confident in my faith each day, and I hope to see my relatives in Heaven one day and see God the Father and Jesus Christ face-to-face!

Amen and Amen.

Love, Leigh Todd

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