My Mission as an Orthodox Unitarian

Hi everyone,
I am, as I call it, an Orthodox Unitarian. This means I believe Heavenly Father to be the one God, who is Spirit, and Jesus is His Beloved Son. But with that, Jesus is the face and way to the Father, in the Old Testament, New Testament, and these days. As we acknowledge God the Father as God Almighty, we must know that Jesus is intricately interconnected with the Father on some sort of different level. I’m not sure whether its spiritual or by essence or whatever, but I must acknowledge that God and Jesus are intertwined. As Jesus tells us in John 14:5-14, He is the way, the truth, and the life, and anyone who speaks to Jesus has spoken to God the Father, and that anything asked of Jesus in his name, Jesus will do for the glory of the Father.

This means that my next faith mission is to grow closer to Christ as I acknowledge God the Father. I cannot ignore God in favor of Jesus, but I cannot ignore Jesus, as he is the face of God. I must acknowledge the Son for the Father’s glory.

This post is in response to my recent faith crisis, and also to a sermon about Jesus being “God descending to Earth” in church today. While I believe Jesus to be God’s face/representative and having descending from Heaven, he is NOT God to me. He is the Son of God.

And as I grow in my relationship with Jesus, I remind myself that I must give this religious freedom to my future children, so that they are free to believe in the Trinity or not when they are older.


Thanks, Leigh Todd

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