Who Am I Kidding? A Struggle

Dear everyone,
Thanks for reading my post from a couple days ago about me trying out the Trinity. One thing I didn’t consider, though: I need to post life updates and an Easter sermon!!!

So, the blog is still up and going. While I’m growing in my relationship with Jesus as Son of God, I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure from both sides of the fence on whether or not to believe in the Trinity.

One side: the church. I’ve felt a lot of pressure to conform to the church’s trinitarian beliefs and be one of “them.”

Other side: I’ve felt a lot of pressure from my family to stick to the Unitarian beliefs. My family is historically Unitarian (some former Jehovah’s Witnesses), so I feel a need to stick it out. Plus, I’ve felt pressure to not keep flip-flopping on my faith journey. As my sister pointed out when I said I was Protestant, “Oh, so you’re Protestant now?!!” Um, yes, I explained. Unitarians are historically Protestant. They were even persecuted and burned at the stake for rejecting the Trinity after the Reformation.

It’ll be hard to raise children in the Trinity in the future, but I believe with all my heart that Disciples of Christ preaches no creeds, so ALL are welcome to believe what they want, no matter what my local church preaches.

Happy Holy Tuesday, as we await Jesus to enter the Garden and be lifted on the cross.

Alleluia and Amen.

Love, Leigh Todd

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