Jesus: The Mouthpiece of God, a Testimony

Hi everyone,
If you haven’t read in my last blog post, I’ve decided to CANCEL my break from the blog. Amidst needing to post about Easter and still wanting to be Unitarian, I know that I can stay strong in this faith journey and have decided to keep the blog OPEN.

ONE thing that stuck out to me while reading about the Eastern Orthodox faith is that Jesus is the very mouthpiece of God. Not only is he the Son of God, but is very much of essence of the Father. As an unorthodox Unitarian (hahaha, get it), I love that. It reminds me of the LDS faith, in which Jesus is the stand-in God for Heavenly Father in the Old Testament, but without all the baggage of the LDS faith, including tithing, giving up coffee, and giving up the lectionary.

It’s not that I don’t want to sacrifice for my faith – I just don’t find tithing or giving up coffee biblical. And even the Jews followed some sort of lectionary (Torah portions) back in Jesus’ day.

But anyway, I love Heavenly Father (God) being a distinct, spiritual being from Jesus. There is only One True God, and One Lord, Jesus. And the Spirit? I’m not completely sold on the Spirit being completely personified in the Gospel of John, Romans, and Revelation (and possibly elsewhere). But, I can’t imagine the Spirit being anything else but God’s power. Personifying it is weird to me – even if my position is not biblical.

Oh well. You can’t be a biblical-literalist fully – it’s just impossible. I can write about that on another post!

So, I sit here praying to my Heavenly Father, because Jesus tore the curtain between us and God and acts as our high priest and mediator, giving us direct access to God’s throne of mercy and grace in times of need! I talk with Jesus, as Paul and the other Disciples post-resurrection spoke with Jesus. Jesus guided them as the “arm of the LORD” and loved them dearly. I gladly hope Jesus loves me just as much.

I’m still not satisfied fully, spiritually, though. I know one-day I’ll return to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but today is not that day. One day I’m hoping the church will be more welcoming to all, including our queer folks and part-member families, and might allow at black tea to be drank.

I know, I know, I want to be a Pastor and be non-trinitarian, too. Basically, I want my cake and be able to eat it, too! It’s not right, I know this. I need to be willing to make some sacrifices, but I’m not willing to make those right now.

One day, I will.

Also, I’m not sure how this post went out the way it did. It seemed so organized in the beginning…

Alleluia and Amen.

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