The Priority of the Church: A Testimony

I hate it when the same church that preaches “love all” and “love God” also talks crap on minority groups, immigrants, and queer folks.

This isn’t how church is supposed to be.

Church is where the minority are elevated, because Jesus cared for the poor, the outsiders, the weak. Who are the outsiders in our communities, in our hearts, in our speech today?

I cannot stand the universal church preaching about a loving God, and having a relationship with him, if we judge those who are different and still cherish their relationship with Him.

Jesus died for all.

This includes our non-binary friends, our refugees, and those with piercings and tattoos. Christ did not just come to redeem white, middle-class, conservative folks. He came to redeem all, because we all fall short of the glory of God.

Remember, a church is not museum of perfect people, but a hospital of sorrowful sinners. Those who fall short every day of loving God and neighbor, and valuing ourselves above the Almighty and his creation.

So, welcome the tattooed, the sinners, the agender, the they-them-pronoun-people, the drinker, the swearer, all of us. All of us from the wrong side of the tracks, and let us be as our Maker helps us become more loving like Him. Because Christian perfection is not about becoming more white, more conservative, more American. It means loving God and neighbor so fully that I think of myself less.

And to remind you guys, Jesus is not even white or American. So please drop this American Gospel-is-the-real-Jesus bullshit.

Remember this this Eastertide.

Alleluia and Amen.

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