Proper 8: You are free, & don’t look back (a Poem)

Galatians 5:1, 13-25 & Luke 9:51-62

Dear Theodore, Franklin, and Emma,

Although its going to be many years before you are born,

Or at least adopted,

Please know that I already love you,

And can’t wait to be your mother.

Your father, Jacob, and I really want to be your parents.

When you are nine years old, you will be baptized.

Waters will rush over you,

And your sins will be forgiven.

You will be free from the bondage of sin,

Insomuch that you’ll have

God’s Spirit to teach right from wrong.

Your sins,

Past, Present, Future,

Will be forgiven,

But as Jesus said in the Gospel of Luke,

“Don’t look back – otherwise you can’t follow me.”

In this life,

You will face challenges beyond comprehension,

You will face challenges so great, you’ll want to

Forsake God because he is seemingly “not there.”


Please remember that God is always there,

Crying on your behalf,

Fixing a situation

Free will destroyed.

We are not the most powerful beings in the Universe,

But our free will can be just damaging enough

To change lives and futures.

But don’t fret.

Jesus asks to sacrifice everything to follow Him.

When I converted to Christianity,

I lost many friends.

People thought I was a Jesus-freak.

And in some way, I am.

When you follow Him,

I hope you don’t lose friends over Him.

I hope you sacrifice all your money,

All your love,

All you dreams,

To follow the Savior,


Don’t be spiritually dead,

Be alive with the flame of the Holy Spirit,

Walking in His Ways,

Following His Counsel.

Seek His heart, always, dears.

Seek His love.

Seek Him.

Put off the old, sinful ways,

And seek Him.

Don’t look back,

And proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Do this by loving others as yourself.

Love, Leigh.

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