Post-tribulation/Pre-millennium-ism: A Testimonial Poem

God, if we were to endure,
What would that look like?

The day is far in the future,
I am sitting at home,
As the storms get worse, the earthquakes become more frequent,
Global Warming is getting even worse than before.

While I am no doomsday proclaimer,
I do see the signs,
Although they don’t mean much until Christ arrives.

THEN, when the day comes,
I see you coming in glory,
No one hushes, saying “He is here,” or “He is there.”
You come in all your glory, and all see you.

You defeat Satan, the destroyer of lives, the enticer of sins,
And you gather all your Saints in your arms,
Uplifting living believers into the Heavens,
Resurrecting the first Resurrection of all saints, as they make their journey
From the grave to You, having lived as Spirits in Heaven before,
Now living in glorified bodies, in beatified form just like You.

Now, we rule in Heaven with you, as you
Gather more Saints on Earth.
I am a firm believer that you gather as many believers as you can,
During the last 1,000 years.

Then, at the end of those thousand years,
You release Satan,
To test those new believers one more time.
And then you defeat him, once for all time.

Then we face the Judgement Seat,
Where we face all our sins,
Our terrible, and sometimes good, decisions.
You tell the good, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

To those who didn’t believe, who didn’t take the name of Christ upon them,
They endure torment, because non-believers were haters of all goodness,
All love, all appreciation, for the least of these.

This is why Jesus mentions judgement in Matthew 25,
Because believers, saved by grace, should truly love the least of these,
To show their love for Christ in their love for all.
And while we are saved by GRACE,
Jesus’ loving example of loving all should be what we should emulate.
Jesus exhorted us, really.

Then Heaven comes to Earth,
And we truly live as Saints forever.

Alleluia and Amen.

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