A Poem: Still Learning for Me in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


With all our differing theologies

Where we claim this about God

And that about enduring to the end.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we focus on Jesus,

The Author and Perfecter of our faith.

It matters, most importantly,

That we focus on Unity in Christ,

Because all that matters, ultimately, is that we are saved.

We have been renewed, set apart, freed from sin.

We are free.

Thanks to the cross,

Nothing else matters.

Doctrine doesn’t matter.

Arguments of theology don’t matter.

What matters is Jesus,

And his enduring love for us.

May we love him and all others back.

Because what matters most

Is Jesus and our love for him and all creation.

Alleluia and Amen.

A response to my theological focus in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  As Pastor Penny told me, all that matters is Jesus and that we are saved.

God Is Good: A Poem

A Testimony,
Of God and How GOOD He is.

God is good,
Not because he loves me because I am good,
But because He IS GOOD.

Nothing, as we learned in church today,
Is by coincidence.
All is planned about by the Lord.

The good is a perfect gift from above.
The bad are consequences from our actions and others’ actions.
The ugly are lessons from the LORD.

The LORD is good, the Lord is good.
The Lord is so good that he came to the cross to save me,
A sinner who could not become perfect.
I was a terrible sinner,
Full of hatred in the past for my God,
Full of hateful, horrible, hurtful language,
Immoral thoughts,
serious rage,
And I could never repent enough for all of these sins.

Not to earn grace,
But as a thank you,
I try my best every day.
First at church, I watch my foul language,
And hope to teach my children to stay clear of immoral thoughts and live righteously.

Live righteously as a thank you to the Lord,
For all He has done.

Alleluia, he has Risen. He has RISEN INDEED.


A Poem of Creation

When God formed the Earth
Jesus was at his side.
His Spirit was the power they used.

When God looked through history
As he knows all decisions we will make.
He knows our free will matters.

When God saw that we wouldn’t listen
To Him, so God was troubled.
Troubled so much, that God cried at his creation.

When God finished his work,
His Son, seeing his Father in distress,
Gave his life for God’s creation.

So that, one day, God could be with his creation.
In peace, God and his creation could be holy.
Because without Christ’s ultimate sacrifice,
To which the Father cried about, too,
We would not be at peace with God.

When God finished his work on the sixth day,
God rested on the seventh.
And he instituted a sabbath rest that would resemble the
Peace we will one day experience in Heaven.

God loves us dearly.