A Poem: Still Learning for Me in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


With all our differing theologies

Where we claim this about God

And that about enduring to the end.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we focus on Jesus,

The Author and Perfecter of our faith.

It matters, most importantly,

That we focus on Unity in Christ,

Because all that matters, ultimately, is that we are saved.

We have been renewed, set apart, freed from sin.

We are free.

Thanks to the cross,

Nothing else matters.

Doctrine doesn’t matter.

Arguments of theology don’t matter.

What matters is Jesus,

And his enduring love for us.

May we love him and all others back.

Because what matters most

Is Jesus and our love for him and all creation.

Alleluia and Amen.

A response to my theological focus in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  As Pastor Penny told me, all that matters is Jesus and that we are saved.

The Priority of the Church: A Testimony

I hate it when the same church that preaches “love all” and “love God” also talks crap on minority groups, immigrants, and queer folks.

This isn’t how church is supposed to be.

Church is where the minority are elevated, because Jesus cared for the poor, the outsiders, the weak. Who are the outsiders in our communities, in our hearts, in our speech today?

I cannot stand the universal church preaching about a loving God, and having a relationship with him, if we judge those who are different and still cherish their relationship with Him.

Jesus died for all.

This includes our non-binary friends, our refugees, and those with piercings and tattoos. Christ did not just come to redeem white, middle-class, conservative folks. He came to redeem all, because we all fall short of the glory of God.

Remember, a church is not museum of perfect people, but a hospital of sorrowful sinners. Those who fall short every day of loving God and neighbor, and valuing ourselves above the Almighty and his creation.

So, welcome the tattooed, the sinners, the agender, the they-them-pronoun-people, the drinker, the swearer, all of us. All of us from the wrong side of the tracks, and let us be as our Maker helps us become more loving like Him. Because Christian perfection is not about becoming more white, more conservative, more American. It means loving God and neighbor so fully that I think of myself less.

And to remind you guys, Jesus is not even white or American. So please drop this American Gospel-is-the-real-Jesus bullshit.

Remember this this Eastertide.

Alleluia and Amen.

Life Update: A Decision Has Been Made

Hi Everyone,
I’m almost done with spring semester, and this school year in general, and have been going through a whirlwind year of faith discovery.

First, I’ve discovered that I cannot repent enough to be saved, so I’ve figured out by heart that I am saved by grace and cannot lose my salvation by works. I can, however, lose salvation if I completely reject God, though. I’d have to spit in the face of God to do that. So, I’m Arminian by faith.

Second, I’ve been going back and forth on the Trinity for the past month to two months. I’m not exactly sure when I started getting interested in the Trinity, but it’s been growing on me ever since. Last week, after my last flip-flop (and confusing posts on the blog and Instagram), I decided to stick with the Trinity. I’ve now told others that I’m interested in studying it, and they are holding me accountable.

This journey with Christ is interesting, but I know the first two things to do are: Write letters to Christ about his mortal journey, and meditate on the presence and love of God in Christ. God is still God – he just came in the form of Jesus. So, the Son is also God. Trippy, but cool. I still pray to Heavenly Father, but I’ve been acknowledging Jesus as God the Son and mediator to the Father.

Now is the time to build my testimony of the God in Christ.

I’m mourning the loss of a Unitarian faith, but with each passing day, it seems to be getting better. I don’t like conservative Christianity that lacks social justice and fighting for the oppressed, though. If I’m ever going to be a trinitarian Christian, I’m going to be a progressive, open-minded, justice-fighting Christian. We are meant to love our neighbors as Christ loved us, right?

This is a strange and weird territory, but I know I can do this. I do sincerely apologize for all the flip-floppy posts on here. I’ve decided to keep them up to show my sincere faith journey.

Alleluia – Christ is Risen! Now as God became a servant on the cross for us, let us serve our fellow neighbors for God.


Tiny Testimony: What Does Easter Have to do with Progressive Christians?

A Tiny note:

We are forgiven, from a past, present, and future sins.  This does not give us an excuse to do wrong, but to use our freedom wisely.  To do good for all.

What does being forgiven mean for progressive Christians?  It means all the hate we’ve spewed, whether on purpose or by accident, is not held against us by God in Jesus.  It means the racism, bigotry, and Islamophobia that is rampant in our country, while it will be discussed between sinful folks and Jesus at judgement, does not curse us from God’s reign.  It also means, as we celebrate Easter this Sunday, that racism and all other horrible things against others and our Earth are not the last act.  They do not have the final word.  While there is trouble, Jesus overcame the world and all its troubles, and will endow and has already endowed us with God’s Kingdom on Earth, in Heaven, and in the Resurrection.  We can never escape God’s reign if we are believers.  

If we are believers, we can have a surety of hope that death is not the end.  Death due to hatred is not the end.  Our Earth, while falling apart, will be renewed as the city of the New Jerusalem will come down.  Love has the final word.  

Love has the final word.

Happy Easter everyone! As I’ve still discovering the Trinity, I’m learning more about having a relationship with Jesus and am building my own testimony of Him.

I’m so sorry I’ve been so flip-floppy on the Trinity vs. Unitarianism, but I think I’ve made up my mind.

Alleluia.  Christ is Risen Indeed!


A Poem of Creation

When God formed the Earth
Jesus was at his side.
His Spirit was the power they used.

When God looked through history
As he knows all decisions we will make.
He knows our free will matters.

When God saw that we wouldn’t listen
To Him, so God was troubled.
Troubled so much, that God cried at his creation.

When God finished his work,
His Son, seeing his Father in distress,
Gave his life for God’s creation.

So that, one day, God could be with his creation.
In peace, God and his creation could be holy.
Because without Christ’s ultimate sacrifice,
To which the Father cried about, too,
We would not be at peace with God.

When God finished his work on the sixth day,
God rested on the seventh.
And he instituted a sabbath rest that would resemble the
Peace we will one day experience in Heaven.

God loves us dearly.