A Testimony of the Unknown: The Future Faith for Me

EDIT: I asked my pastor yesterday, and realized all beliefs are welcome, including Arminian. I even asked my pastor if she was Calvinist, and she said no!! She said she follows mostly Wesleyan beliefs, and that she takes comfort from each church in Christianity – United Methodist, Presbyterian, all. I misunderstood everything for York FCC! As always, I am always learning. I took out the wrong parts about my church in this essay.

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share a small testimony of my future in faith:

While I don’t know what the future holds, I know Christ holds me in his arms.

Just this past year, I’ve moved away from works and grace theology (Catholicism-like theology) to just being saved by grace. I’ve also moved from my sacred Unitarian faith, which made me feel alienated from all other Christians, to the Trinitarian faith. There are still some days that I struggle with the Trinity, I just know that I have to press on and continue to believe. I can do this.

Now, what does the future hold? While I am and always be Arminian in faith, I’ve been looking at Calvinism. I’m still hung up on certain things, such as God ordaining the Holocaust and pain and death. I mean, even Jesus cried at Lazarus’ funeral. Although, a Calvinist could argue that Lazarus died to give God the glory (by resurrecting him). So, I’m not sure. I just don’t see anything glorious about the Holocaust happening, and the rape and murder of women of genocide in Africa. People are endowed with freedom of will, and there are times when we really screw up and abuse our free will.

I’m kind of looking for a happy medium, where God ordains all things, but also allows for freedom of will and apostasy. I know, multiple times, the Old Testament tells us of a God that ordains both good and punishment, but I know from my OT classes that that was the Jewish people’s way of understanding their situations and pains. Unlike what literal biblical studies tells us, the Bible wasn’t written by 40 men, but hundreds of authors who struggled with the terrible things that happened to them. I bet most of the Bible was written in hindsight, not by current events.

Alleluia and Amen.

Love, Leigh Todd

Tiny Testimony: A God Always There

Hi everyone,
I hope your week is going well, and if you live up north, that you’re driving through the snowstorms safely!  

I just wanted to give a tiny testimony of the Almighty Father: 

God is there.  He might be in Heaven with Jesus, but his Spirit roams the Earth, covering us like a blanket.  His arms are always wrapped around us when we pray (whether we pray on our knees or by paper) and he brings continual comfort to us.  Since God is Spirit, he lives in us as we are His Temple.  We are never far from God.

The reason I wanted to share this testimony is because I’ve struggled with knowing if God was there, and if he was, where was he?  I have always known God was there in Heaven, but I didn’t understand that he is ALWAYS near us via his Spirit until I realized GOD is spirit.  True to Biblical Unitarian form, God is present always because his gift to us at baptism is in us.  Not only that, but God roams the Earth as Spirit to breathe life into everything as Creator.  

God is wonderful.  God is Spirit.  And he is our holy mystery and intimate Father.  

Alleluia and Amen.

Love, Leigh Todd

Thursday Testimony: God & Jesus’ Influences

IMG_20180408_102131549Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share something small.

That something small is my testimony.

I testify that God reigns in Heaven with Jesus, and that God’s Holy Spirit roams the Earth as God’s hugging arms and life-giving breath.

I testify that God is awesome, and that he is constantly surrounding us.  His presence isn’t just in Heaven with Jesus, but all around us, engulfing us with His Love.

I testify also that Jesus is our greatest Teacher.  He revealed all of God’s teachings to us 2,000 years ago, and still lives on as God’s Servant and mouthpiece.  Years after his resurrection, he visited Paul on the road to Damascus, and then visited John to give Revelation.  Jesus still visits us as our ultimate Teacher, giving us God’s advice and both of their love.

It’s awesome to be a Christian, knowing you’ve got the whole host of Heaven on your side.

Alleluia and Amen.

Leigh Todd